Chimney Lightwell

London County Hall is a Grade-II* listed building, built between 1911 and 1939 to house the London County Council (LCC), later the Greater London Council (GLC).

The proposal - part of a larger scheme to revive London County Hall - is located in a lightwell within the building. The ‘Chimney’ Lightwell is distinctly characterised by its original large and dominating chimney and its enclosing white glazed brick facades. Currently underused and dilapidated, the Chimney Lightwell Pavilion proposal seeks to create a universal access to this space and reactivate the area through the creation of a lightweight arts/café pavilion.

The proposed works aim to revitalise the historic fabric of the building. Particularly, we want to celebrate the imposing and beautiful white glazed brick chimney, thus providing gravitas for the surrounding space to become a place of repose and enjoyment. 

To achieve this, a key visual axis has been identified from the main entrance to the historic chimney. The pavilion and its timber structure is designed to feel lightweight and in harmony with the proposed surrounding planting, creating the feeling of a walled garden or an oasis. The nature of the structure allows it to adapt to warm seasons by opening seamlessly into the garden, and closing up completely in the cold and rain as a place of refuge. The shape of the roof is a natural result of its triangular footprint, the surrounding walls and a way of delicately channeling rain into the garden’s reflection pool.

The Chimney Lightwell brings a place for art and leisure, therefore bringing life into the historic building and providing a retreat within the courtyard in the centre of busy London.


County Hall Arts




County Hall, London