Mill House

Located on the edge of Laxfield in Mid-Suffolk, Mill House is a careful balance of historical restoration and contemporary design. The original form of the historic house is reinstated with the removal of two 20th-century additions, and a new build annex and link is added to provide additional living accommodation and bedrooms. The project is to be constructed using an innovative timber modular cassette system developed by Natural Building Systems to deliver a highly sustainable, low-carbon home.

The design sits sensitively within its rural context, celebrating the site's unique history as a working mill. The proposed arrangement of solid and void creates an interesting spatiality, and the building steps with the site topography to embed it within the landscape.

The plan provides a series of fluid open-plan living spaces, carefully oriented to the landscape to emphasise particular visual connections. The material palette of brick and timber responds to the existing site, ensuring visual harmony with the surroundings. The project seeks to reduce the perceived scale of the building and uses landscaping principles that prioritises soft landscaping over hard, enhancing the overall visual appeal.




Suffolk, UK






310 sqm